Folded Flight Path

LECO’s patented Folded Flight Path® (FFP®) technology has celebrated over ten years of mass spectrometry breakthroughs. This ingenious concept uses multi-reflecting technology to strip away the oversized flight tubes from traditional high resolution Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometers and packs an impressive resolving power of 25,000 into a surprisingly small footprint. Ultra High Resolution mode enables the FFP instruments to reach resolving powers of over 50,000 with flight paths equivalent of 40 m without a single increase in lab space.

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Folded Flight Path with Pegasus GC-HRT

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Notas de aplicação

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203-821-655 Analysis of Heavy Fuel Oil using Multi-Mode Ionization

Heavy Fuel Oil Multi-Mode Source MMS GCxGC-HRT4D

203-821-650 Polychlorinated Paraffins PCP GC-HRT4D
203-821-630 Multi-Mode Source MMS

The Multi-Mode Ion Source provides a single solution for Electron Ionization, Positive Chemical Ionization, and Electron Capture Negative Ionization.

203-821-500 GCxGC-HRT Aroma Analysis of Perfume Samples

Targeted and Non-Targeted analysis of name-brand and Imitation perfume samples

203-821-534 Electronic Waste GC-HRT4D

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4 junho 2021 Folded Flight Path: Ten Years of High Resolution

LECO is celebrating ten years of the Folded Flight Path! Learn more about this revolutionary breakthrough for high-resolution TOF technology!

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