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Pegasus BT

Espectrômetro de massa por tempo de voo com cromatografia gasosa


Determinador termogravimétrico de umidade

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Notícias ou histórias

27 fevereiro 2024 Soils TOC: Analyzing Acid-Treated Samples is Now Easy as ABC

As the concern for global warming has increased over the years, ways to sequester carbon has been top-of-mind for many scientists and researchers. Capturing atmospheric carbon in the form of carbon dioxide, converting it, and storing it in soil would not only help the overall environment, but it could help farmers grow better crops as well.

7 julho 2023 Growing Hope: A Convoy of Hope Update

Convoy of Hope’s Global Center for Agriculture & Food Security is starting to grow in Springfield, MO, with the help of LECO’s instruments.

16 junho 2023 Scorched Soils: Determining Moisture Content with the TGM800 and TGA801

Automation is the way of the future! Learn how automated moisture analyses are a huge improvement over the standard manual drying methods in this on-demand webinar from LECO.

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